Great news – Yesterday, I finally managed to track down and telephone David Harris – It has been a long journey trying to find him.

Through this website I have made many new contacts, many of them relatives. One contact (and many are newfound relatives)  has lead to another and eventually I received a phone number that was over two years old.  It had been received in Spain, by a ‘second cousin’ of my father,  written on a christmas card that had been sent by David Harris. A contact, in Spain,  made as a direct result of my website, has a sister, who had visited with David many years ago gave me Davids phone number.

So, I tried that number yesterday, wondering if perhaps David had moved house, and the number would be out of date! Well, it was fine. I called, and we had a great chat… We learned about eachother – and discovered that he lives in East Sussex, which neighbours Surrey, where my home is.   So a search that started in the Sunday Times, went to London, Wales, and Spain, ends in East Sussex.

David has a wife called Sarah and 5 great children (Ruth, Naome, Joanne, Johnathon and Rebecca). So, now I have a few more names to add to my family tree .. 🙂  We exchanged great stories, and I even learned a little more about my grandfather William Harris. My father will be so pleased to learn that I finally made contact with a new FIRST cousin! I learned from David that my father has another living  cousin in LA called Anthony Harris (who has four grown up children) and  is the same age (or thereabouts) as my father, who is now 82. I look forward to making contact with Anthony too, some time very soon I hope.

What a result!!! The wonders of the internet – hey!

TomasHarris - MI5 Garbo case officer

Since November 2009 , this popular Anita Harris Family Tree  website (  already includes a lot of posts and great information about my vast newly discovered Harris family AND Tomas Harris ( artist and MI5 officer) . 

This month ( January 2010 ) I had the idea to create another website for all you researchers out there wanting to publish your own Tomas Harris Posts in a central location – none better than on – So I bought the domain, created a website – and now you can get blogging

I have created  for all you internet surfers out there  who would  like to share your knowledge about Tomas Harris, MI5 officer, artist, scholar, Goya specialist etc… and put it somewhere obvious that everyone can find quickly. (  WWW.TOMASHARRIS.COM )

  I have received so much positive feedback, and endless information for this website, that I am having trouble keeping up with all the new information coming my way.  Now its your turn to publish your own posts about Tomas Harris …

Last photo of TH1099I will continue to publish my own Tomas Harris and Harris family posts on to which you can subscribe to receive emails every time I add new posts (click the email link in the header on this website) .

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I have aleady received so much positive feedback about both sites – Thank you.

And also a HUGE thanks to all of you out there who are supplying me with so much fabulous information.

Foto Garden Lodge from Andreu

Njoy and Happy Blogging…

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