I have updated the Harris family Tree to reflect some interesting new information from Spain. Thank you Carlos..

Pilar Rodriguez Leon was thought to be the sister to Enriqueta ( Esther ) Rodriguez Leon  (my great grandmother) and that’s what my family tree reflected, but now the secret is out, and I’ve been asked to correct the family tree to show that she is actually her daughter not her sister! Pilar was born in 1893, Her sister Violetta was born in 1898 and her parents were married also in 1898.

It is now known that Pilar is the daughter of Enriqueta ( Esther ) Rodriguez Leon, and is NOT her sister. 

It is now known that Pilar is the sister of my Grandfather William Harris instead of his mothers sister ( Aunt) .  

It is now known that Enriqueta ( Esther ) Rodriguez Leon  (and most likely Lionel Harris – my great grandfather) had 8 children together rather than 7.

Apparently Tomás Joseph Harris  (William Harris’s brother) gave this family secret to both Luis (Lulo) Aguado Rodriguez   (great grandfather) and now 96 year old Margarita Canosa (great grandmother of Carlos Miguel Aguado). Margarita Canosa had spent her childhood summers at the Tomás Harris residence in Mallorca, so she knew Tomás Harris well.

Because Pilar is actually a sister of all the other Harris siblings (Violeta, Maurice, William, Lionel Jr, Tomás, Conchita and Enriqueta Harris) my father ( Ronald Harris – son of William Harris ) has a new Aunt he didn’t know about.

and the tree keeps growing…… currently contains 321 relatives ….  listed here ->  Harris Family Tree – LIST of NAMES