…And they met this weekend for the very first time EVER… and a week ago neither of them knew the other even existied.

I just want to proudly announce that Martin Goodall and Ronald Harris, half brothers, both blood sons to William Harris, son of Lionel Harris, met for the first time ever this weekend. Actually, not only did the brothers meet, but the families met for the first time.  It was a wonderful,  overwhelming experience for everyone involved, and a lot to take in for Martin who had been wanting to find blood relatives ever since he learned he had been adopted. Now the flood gates are open and the information (from this website and other sources) is pouring in for him.

There is no doubt, there are documents for proof, and the photos say it all anyway..

Watch this space for the full story and photos!  They will be published later this week … subscribe to receive email updates to stay informed see link in the header.

Oh and of course I will be updating (and correcting) the Harris Family Tree too. I have a whole family to add now as Martin David Goodall (son of William Harris)  is a grandfather … Welcome to the family Martin ! 😉


NEW POST (posted 30th November 2010)  -> THE FULL STORY

William Harris has Two Living Sons – HALF BROTHERS  meet for the first time