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I am documenting all new discoveries as I find them on this website.
My Research (and this website) began when my father, by chance, read the Sunday Times one rainy Sunday afternoon. The obituary page which he happened to scan, had a name on it that just jumped out at him. A very unusual name, Enriquetta Harris, which he remembered was the same name as a great aunt he had met when he was a boy.
Readers have provided so much information and this continues to this day. We were just a small Harris family of four and I now have a family tree of over 300 people. I have found cousins and other relatives from all over the world. The most important discovery to date resulted in my father meeting with an adopted half brother he never knew existed.
Unfortunately, we were never able to discover what my fathers father actually did during the war - so if anyone knows what William Harris did during the war after he abandoned his wife and three boys, please Send me a Message .
To avoid overloading this website with information from readers about the famous, wealthy, and very intersting man, Tomas Harris (my grandfathers brother), I developed a new, seperate website www.tomasharris.com just about him. He had been  an MI5 controller for double agent Garbo in the war, a famous artist in his own right, and a Francisco Goya specialist. He died under suspicious circumstances in a car crash in Mallorca.

I cant believe I haven’t posted this story yet – better late than never… so here goes…

My father met his new found second cousin, David Harris, back in June this year (2010) . For the first time ever!!  A year ago neither never knew the other existed.  And David has since also met up with Sophia who lives in Wales, they had been friends and had lost touch when David was a very young boy.

Ron and David, and the rest of us met up for the very first time in Guildford town center, for a lovely meal.  I have one photo from this great meeting, it was a lovely evening, and non of us stopped talking and it was all over far too quickly.  oh and David Harris is the one with the tash, and my father is the one without.

Read more on How I found David <= click here

Car Park Photo

Car Park Photo


All I knew about the Harris’s was that we were four. My parents, my sister and I. That all changed when Enriqueta Harris’s obituary was printed in the Sunday Times in 2006, and my father just happened to spot it on a rainy sunday morning, at home, ¬†in London.¬†He recognised the unusual name (Enriqueta) and went to check it against¬†his old¬†copy of a will made by Lionel Harris (¬†Senior), my fathers grandfather.

At last a lead to the Harris family… a family who had long ago forgotton that my father existed.¬† His own father William (a sister of Enriqueta) had left my father, two brothers and his mother when my father was just 16 years old during the war.

Anyway, from this copy of Lionel¬†Senior’s¬†will I eventually found the name of a company of solicitors, who had connections with the Harris family, and I was informed that David Harris and Anthony Harris, sons of Lionel Harris¬†Junior¬†(a brother of William Harris) were still alive.

I drew many blanks. Then in October 2009, through the internet, we were contacted by a researcher, who has studied Spanish Art, and was reasearching the Harris Family for Nigel Glendinning who is writing a book about the Harris Family, as he knew Enriqeuta very well, and also the famous Tomas Harris (another brother of hers – artist, scholar, MI5 officer, goya specialist) . ¬†We were contacted through a family tree website, which was found because our family tree contained Enriquetas names and other names I had found on the copy of Lionels will that my father had.¬† The Spanish names on our family tree were recognised as being names connected to William Harris, Lionel Harris’s son, founder of the Spanish Art Gallery in London.

So in October 2009,  we learned where my grandfather lived since the war, since he left home!

Since November 2009 I have developed two websites, this one and www.tomasharris.com.  And I have to say they are keeping me very busy.

My Great Great Grandparents were William and Eve (nee Barnett) Harris.

John Gould found the marriage announcement in the Jewish Chronicle dated 23rd November 1860.  John is the great great Grandson of Eve’s parents (Caroline Lazarus and Abraham Barnett)

Marriage Announcement
On Wednesday the 21st November at the New Synagogue, Gt St Helens by the Rev. Dr Adler, assisted by the father of the bride, Mr William Harris, Esq. of Lima South America to Eve, elder daughter of the Rev. Abraham Barnett, Minister of the New Synagogue, Great St Helens.

William Harris is thought to have been born in Germany, but the marriage announcement says he is from Lima South America, I wonder what the story is behind that…


william eve marriage announcement

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Updates Added to this Post ‚Äď 27th March 2010 in green

My Great Great Grandparents were William Harris and Eve Barnett. Eve Barnetts mother was Caroline Lazarus¬† (my Great Great Great Grandmother)¬† :¬† View¬† us all here in –>¬† The Harris Family Tree¬† <— click link

View the FULL STORY —> “BANKRUPTCY and the BARNET FAMILY”¬†¬† <– click link .¬†¬† It was published in Shemot, the Journal of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain.

My thanks¬† to John Gould for sending it to me. John Gould and I made contact as a result of Tribal Pages finding Lionel Harris in my family tree and Lionel Harris in another family tree. Both Lionel Harris’s had matching parents names of William Harris and Eve¬† Barnett.¬† Turns out that John Gould has been trying to find a living Harris relative for over a year.¬†¬† I am Anita Harris,¬† John Gould’s father’s second cousin’s granddaughter.. ūüėČ

My thanks to Morlin who has supplied me with extracts from a copy of the London Gazette (see below) in 1881 which details William Harris Senior‚Äôs “Liquidation by Arrangement” which is (explained by John Gould) technically not quite the same as bankruptcy and does not have all the drastic legal consequences (e.g. severe limitations on obtaining future credit). The extract details his various addresses and the countries with which he did business in in South America before ending up in Calle Encarnaci√≥n in Madrid. Morlin has explained that it was obviously a very difficult time for people trading with this area of South America, as there were earthquakes and political upheavals, and the insolvency listings at the time were littered with people connected with Lima going under.¬†

The 1881 census¬† shows that Williams wife and family had moved back into the family home of her father. The ‚Äúliquidation‚ÄĚ is most likely the reason.

The London Gazette December 1981William Harris bankruptcy 1881jpg

The London Gazette December 1982William Bancruptcy 1882

Check out You Tube Trailer for the film “GARBO the SPY”¬†

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About Garbo and Tomas in MI5

GARBO and Tomas came to work together at MI5 for three years of scheming and planning during World War II. Their efforts which were supported by various agencies of British intelligence contributed to a huge reduction of casualties among tens of thousands of allied servicemen who landed in Normandy in France on D-Day to fight to hold the Normandy Beachheads. Many, many more would have perished had their plan failed.

Garbo (Juan Pujol) and Tomas Harris (My Great Uncle) devised a plan to build a network (The GARBO Network) of 27 imaginary spies, who mislead the Germans into expecting the landings to occur in Calais instead of the Normany beacheads. As a result, the Germans maintained all their forces in Calais and built sea defenses, instead of moving them to Normandy. Even when the Normandy invasion began the Germans,  Tomas and Garbo led them to believe it was just a diversionary tactic.  

The success of this operation led to the beginning of the end of the second world War.