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My Great Great Grandparents were William Harris and Eve Barnett. Eve Barnetts mother was Caroline Lazarus  (my Great Great Great Grandmother)  :  View  us all here in –>  The Harris Family Tree  <— click link

View the FULL STORY —> “BANKRUPTCY and the BARNET FAMILY”   <– click link .   It was published in Shemot, the Journal of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain.

My thanks  to John Gould for sending it to me. John Gould and I made contact as a result of Tribal Pages finding Lionel Harris in my family tree and Lionel Harris in another family tree. Both Lionel Harris’s had matching parents names of William Harris and Eve  Barnett.  Turns out that John Gould has been trying to find a living Harris relative for over a year.   I am Anita Harris,  John Gould’s father’s second cousin’s granddaughter.. 😉

My thanks to Morlin who has supplied me with extracts from a copy of the London Gazette (see below) in 1881 which details William Harris Senior’s “Liquidation by Arrangement” which is (explained by John Gould) technically not quite the same as bankruptcy and does not have all the drastic legal consequences (e.g. severe limitations on obtaining future credit). The extract details his various addresses and the countries with which he did business in in South America before ending up in Calle Encarnación in Madrid. Morlin has explained that it was obviously a very difficult time for people trading with this area of South America, as there were earthquakes and political upheavals, and the insolvency listings at the time were littered with people connected with Lima going under. 

The 1881 census  shows that Williams wife and family had moved back into the family home of her father. The “liquidation” is most likely the reason.

The London Gazette December 1981William Harris bankruptcy 1881jpg

The London Gazette December 1982William Bancruptcy 1882