AND NOW :  I have also found and made first contact with David Harris’s half brother Anthony Harris who lives in LA and is a great grandfather!  I hope to update the family tree with lots of new great grand children very soon with lots more new names – What a result!!  Click here to explore the –> latest Family Tree <—

Its so wonderful to make initial contact with family members as close as my fathers cousins all as a result of this website..

( I have also made contact with  the daughter of my fathers second cousin Carol Kino ) but I havent written about that yet.  More to come – subscribe to emails to receive notifications of new posts

I had tried several routes, lots of combitations of emails, and even found an Anthony Harris artist, who had studied at the Courtault Institute, a coincidence now I know, but a lead I followed up all the same!

Anyway,  Anthony emailed me through my website after an email from Davids wife, Sarah,  in England,.

I had , only one week ago,  made contact with David Harris (who is also my fathers first cousin) for the very first time.  Click on this link —-> How I found David Harris <—-    and as a direct result I have now made first contact with Anthony Harris. 😉

The ball is on a roll !!!