War years -Tomas moved from Chesterfield Gardens to here - Garden Lodge

Garden Lodge, Logan Place

In 1948  Tomas moved the Spanish Art Gallery to Garden Lodge, Logan Place, Kensington,London W8 where he and his wife Hilde were known to entertain their friends in high places (from MI5 and the art world). Then at some point after he  also purchased some land in Andratx, Mallorca and remodelled a house with cactus gardens, an art Studio, and farm.

Tomas owned the Garden Lodge and the El Studio at Camp de Mar and settled in Mallorca, where he devoted himself to his own art, mastering almost all techniques: oil, engraving, lithography, sculpture, stained glass and tapestries. His main inspiration was the island landscape, particularly that of Andratx, which he loved. He painted many scenes of the Mallorcan Landscape. Sadly Tomas died at 58,  in a car crash in 1964, in Mallorca.

The Garden Lodge at Logan Place became,  many years after Tomas’s death, the home of the singer Freddy Mercury (Queen).

Ana Torrojo, a famous Spanish lead singer of the trio Mecano (which has probably been the most popular band from Spain) now owns the painters art studio.

Close friends of Tomas own the house in Camp De Mar in Andratx to this day. They had been friends with Tomas Harris when he lived there, and after he died, they purchased the property which Tomas had designed and built.  Their son grew up in the house that Tomas built, and even today it is still very much like it was when Tomas lived in it. His memory lives on…