Welcome to my Harris Family Website and HARRIS Family Tree

I am documenting my findings about My Harris Ancestors and the discoveries of relatives we never knew existed since the death of Enriquetta Harris.

My Research (and this website) began when my father, by pure chance, read the Sunday Times one rainy Sunday afternoon. The obituary page which he happened to scan, had a name on it that just jumped out at him. A very unusual name, Enriquetta Harris, which he remembered was the same name as a great aunt he had met when he was a boy.

I documented all my findings on this website, which generated a lot of interest. It provided me with a lot of feedback from readers interested in some of the characters discovered along the journey. From a small family of four, we generated a family tree of over two hundred people, and found cousins and other relatives now all over the world. We discovered my father’s half brother who had been adopted, and never knew anything about his bloodline and who now has a real half brother, my father.

Unfortunately, we were never able to discover what my fathers father actually did during the war

I have also created a website, www.tomasharris.com, who was an MI5 controller for Garbo in the war, a famous artist in his own right, and a Fran Goya expert we learned was my father’s, fathers brother. Now that’s another story!