Lional Harris (Born 1862 – my Great Grandfather) – Married Enriqueta Rodriquez and they had 7 children

  1.  Violetta Harris (1898-1989), Followed Tomas into MI5 as a Spanish Speaking officer serving in B1(a)
  2. Maurice Harris (1900-?)
  3. William Harris (31/5/1901-10/12/1982), Had 4 children (Gordon, David, Ronald (my Father) and David)
  4. Lionel Harris (1903-?)
  5. Conchita Harris (1904-?)
  6. Tomas Harris (10/4/1908-27/1/1964), MI5 controller of double agent code named GARBO, named after the best actor in the world…
  7. Enriqueta Harris (17/5/1910-22/4/2006), Worked in MOI (Ministry of Information), who sparked off an idea for the Harris-Garbo collaboration, of a non-existent senior source (J3) in the Spanish Section of the MOI..